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Our Expertise – Why You Should Choose Pesonen Oy

There is no need to settle for run-of-the-mill accounting – choose a genuine, personal service that is tailored to your needs!

Move on from passive, backward-looking accounting services to interactive financial management that looks towards the future.

Our personnel have long-term experience with entrepreneurs, a deep understanding of various industries and the professional skills required to provide you with a flexible expert service.

Our clients work in a variety of industries and range widely in size: we work with everyone from small sole proprietorships to companies and industrial groups with millions of Euro in net sales. We bring the same values and high quality work to long-standing, continuous partnerships and to clients with temporary needs such as the resolution of a bankruptcy.

We believe in ourselves and in the future. Our staff is committed, and we make sure to take good care of them. As a result, the staff turnover is low: on average, our current employees have been with us for 14 years. This means that you can place your trust in continuity – neither your accountant nor your payroll and ledger staff will suddenly change several times a year. A deep understanding of each customer and the mutual trust can only grow and evolve over long-term collaboration. The business, future and history of your company are always in the trusted hands of experienced personnel. We ensure an uninterrupted and superb service even during the holiday seasons with an effective backup system for our personnel.

All this makes it easier for your company's leadership to make decisions about future operations. Our accounting services work in continuous collaboration with our customers to bring our value proposition to life – to provide tailored, personalized expert services that add value to your company and keep you on the road to success. We can act as a service partner not only for companies but also for the personal financial issues of the entrepreneurs themselves.

We also provide legal services and advice in business issues, such as the setting up of a company, corporate reorganizations, and mergers and acquisitions. We can contribute to the development of your business and planning in accordance with your wishes.

Contact us for a financial management package that will set your course towards the future and further success. Let us take care of the financial management so you can focus on your company’s core business.

Our services are available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Financial Management Services

Our comprehensive know-how of financial management enables customers to adjust their financial management processes to different business and monitoring needs.

  • Our accounting services are available in conventional and digital formats or as a combination of the two.
    • A variety of browser-based software options available
    • Executed on a payment, transaction and/or financial statement basis
  • Internal invoicing and project tracking
  • Graphics available for reporting and analysis
    • Controller and financial management services
  • Financial statements
  • Purchase and sales invoice processing (traditional and digital)
    • Scanning service provided in-house or as a purchased service
    • E-invoice sending and receipt
  • Tax planning and advice
    • Tax optimization for companies and owners
  • Tax declarations
  • Invoicing
  • Sales and accounts payable
  • Payments
  • Payroll
    • Employment issues advice
    • HR services
  • Consolidated financial statements and accounting for industrial groups

Business Services

We offer the following services: financial management and operations, corporate governance and corporate management and development.

  • Archiving services
    • Archiving of accounting and corporate documents in a browser-based, shared archive
  • Declarations and filings to officials
  • Declarations and filings to insurance agencies and other relevant groups
  • Administrative services
  • Financial consultation
    • Including Tekes, Sitra, Finnvera, banks, finance companies, insurance companies, etc.
  • Company registration and changes
  • Business consulting, mergers and acquisitions and corporate restructuring
  • Business development projects
  • HTM (Chambers of Commerce Authorized) and KHT (Finland Chamber of Commerce Authorized) accounting services available though partners
  • Legal and business law services available through partners

Quality Assurance

Services are split into groups, each of which has its own monitoring and verification mechanism. The drafting of financial statements follows a standardized process. We follow Taloushallintoliitto (Financial Management Association) TAL-STA reporting guidelines and quality standards in all our operations.

Our service level is ensured through the continuous training of all our personnel.

We place a high priority on network and software security.


We offer both traditional and digital accounting services, and combinations of both, that always leverage the most professional and up-to-date financial management software. We operate as your company’s financial department, providing the expert information needed to help management and decision making in a variety of business situations. Smooth and confidential communications with your assigned accountant are of paramount importance, making sure you get answers to all questions large and small.

We serve a wide variety of customers, which helps to further increase the expertise of our personnel and their understanding of different industries. This allows us to serve you as a one-stop shop – you no longer need to turn to several different places for different areas of knowledge.

Our accounting services include accounting, financial statements, the consolidated financial statements for industrial groups, purchase and sales ledger management, payments, monthly and annual reports and the general reporting associated with accounting. We ensure that your company’s regulatory obligations are met correctly and on time. Our services also include internal invoicing and project monitoring, which significantly increases the benefits of reporting and financial management.

The entire accounting service package is always tailored to meet your needs.


When you leave your payroll operations to us, you can rest assured that they are in highly professional hands. Our personnel handle the payrolls for companies in a wide variety of industries and receive continuous training. All this serves as a guarantee of the expertise of our payroll staff. The service also includes the use of different HR applications.

Our payroll services include maintaining your personnel records, payroll, paying salaries, sending pay slips to employees, withholding membership fees and reductions, tracking vacation days, calculating vacation pay, and monthly and annual statutory reporting to the relevant authorities. If desired, we can also handle the payment of taxes and other fees associated with salaries from your company account.

Our payroll services can also advise on TES (employment) issues and provide support through our network from outside experts.

Business Services

Get your corporate finance management, business operations, management and development services from one place, through the same person you have grown to know.

These services include archiving (browser-based and shared by the customer and the accounting services), administrative services, advice and consultancy in a variety of situations and instances.

Our financial consulting includes facilitation services in discussions with the following parties: Tekes, Sitra, Finnvera, banks, finance companies, insurance companies, and the preparation of required reports.

We handle the filings needed for setting up and changing a business, and we draft the required documents.

We provide business consultation services and assist in corporate restructurings and mergers and acquisitions.

You can also let us handle your business development projects.

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